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  1. whiteebones answered: If your a senior get it done if not do it yourself!
  2. sunshinesobright23 answered: I went to a hair salon and it cost me $65 and i had my hair curled and it stayed until the next day.
  3. hereinliesmyself answered: Depends on where you go and what you get done. Professional can be anywhere from $30-$100 or so!
  4. jlynn3x answered: If you cant find a friend to do it then go somewhere cheap like supercuts or something, anybody whos been doing hair for a long time can do a
  5. working-on-myselff answered: Ind
  6. quiixh answered: Go to a salon, professionals:very classy
  7. rachelsunshineee answered: I am not going to prom because I am a bucket of lame sauce. Sorry.
  8. anotherstorybeingtold answered: Honestly, unless you practice alot for that day I wouldn’t.
  9. theamericanblondetraveler answered: Try going to a beauty school! Same results, just much much cheaper! Make sure you bring a photo though of your desired hairstyle.
  10. cupcakesandromance answered: get it done, paid 65 bucks, for my prom. well worth it, and rocked the do the next day as well super cute
  11. blairwaldorfsmokes answered: Professional!!! it costs some places up to $100 but you only have one prom you dont want to stress out the day of
  12. antwaun3000 answered: depends on what kind of person you are
  13. iquitelikethat-fashion answered: i got mine done professionally one year and i hated it. it was expensive, too. my mom helped me do it another year and it turned out awesome.
  14. vikkihelene answered: have your mom do it for youu!!
  15. jspetrini answered: I say do it yourself, i had my mom help me with mine and it came out just the way i wanted it to(:
  16. fuucking-princess answered: I prefer getting it done somewhere, mine was 30 at a salon de sol.
  17. thegorgeousbeautykiller answered: it all depends on what hairstyle you’re wanting for prom. I’m getting mine done by my hairdresser for $35. I hope I tried helping you(:
  18. urbanoutbabe answered: Professional!!
  19. mininaasanhada answered: *—*
  20. smileforkam answered: if you go to a local beauty school they do it really well for really cheap!
  21. the4thdrawer answered: i’m debating this myself since i already study cosmetics but im prob. going 2 do things professionally, price depends on where u go, g’luck!
  22. tamecaswack answered: I went to a hair dresser because I wanted it to look perfect. it only cost me $30 because the hair desser is my next door neighbour.
  23. californicatin-g answered: yourself! i got it done somewhere once, spent 40 bucks and it didn’t turn out that great..
  24. midnight-in-paris31 answered: i think you should get it done by a professional hairstylist
  25. rawribeashark answered: Definitely get your hair done professionally. This is a day you’ll be looking back at later on it life.
  26. ceceenman345 answered: Go to a perfessional hair dresser they could so pretty creative things you might not be able to do & 30-60 dollars depending where you go
  27. somethingawesomecomesthisway answered: I do it myself loads of times, you just need decent scissors :)
  28. reckless-c-u-n-t-s answered: professional<3
  29. crystalhutch answered: if you’re a junior just do it yourself but if its your senior prom go to a salon it just cost me like $45
  30. lionley answered: I haven’t been to prom yet, so I don’t know the cost:P But I suggest doing it at a salon just to be less stressful!
  31. devynnemishelle answered: I did it myself. I did something really simple and elegant. Nothing supper promy and over the top. Do something lovely you can do yourself.
  32. tiffjanelle answered: professional! Less stress !
  33. pop-disaster answered: You should get a bunch of friends and all get ready together, you could take turns doing each others hair and makeup. Hope that helped ;)
  34. flowersinherhairxo answered: do it at home, cost waaay more if you go somewhere. look up hairstyles on youtube
  35. zetterberg40 answered: yes, go to a professional, but before, go to several and ask how much for the hairstyle toy want then choose the cheapest:)
  36. bx32 answered: I do it myself often
  37. shmosie answered: If you’re a senior, I’d recommend getting it professionally done. If you’re a junior do it by yourself. Professionally done, prices may vary.
  38. hccoyle answered: Go to a professional! I think mine cost 60ish
  39. laurawilmoth answered: i think if you have a hairstyle in mind it would be worth going to a professional but its about skill in hairstyling. either could work :)
  40. givemeglam answered: professional . $120
  41. missty-mornings answered: Professionally prom only happens once….
  42. tessapants answered: I went to a school and they did a great job with my hair it cost about 40$ for half up half down
  43. dream-tumblr-beauty answered: i jusst go to a normal salon .. it comes out just as nice… my opinion .
  44. xocarolineexoxo answered: pro hairdresser ! <3
  45. fashion-beauty-shopping-love answered: urself becuz its ur style and taste :)
  46. bubbletrbl answered: I got my friend to do my hair for prom, she did an amazing job and all i had to do was buy hairspray :)
  47. babydee510 answered: Professional! & less than $120