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  1. curiocityy answered: benefit
  2. lightlovelive5 answered: go
  3. midnitered answered: I really love Tokidoki’s lip stain!
  4. cambriewren answered: haha well you probably already have an answer and this
  5. mauragrace13 answered: Well the chubby stick by clinique is not really a lip stain but its really nice. But i was wondering if the just bitten by revlon was good
  6. created-chaos answered: I use benetint by benefit pretty much every day. it is such a perfect shade and it lasts pretty much all day if you make sure to let it set
  7. if-onlyfor-never answered: I haven’t worn it, but usually L’Oreal products are good so i’d probably use something from there
  8. diligenda answered: CHANEL!
  9. wishing0n-a-star answered: Sugar in the rose color from sephora is a great one! though not really a stain
  10. bvlgaribaise answered: mac nicki minajs lipstick
  11. ilovemoneyhoney answered: i dont know of any good types but my covergirl lip stain dries out my lips a lot
  12. coro0392 answered: NI IDEA?
  13. passeemcasa answered: Holy Berry Tint, from Holika Holika.
  14. myownnotebook answered: i would recommend the tarte ones(:
  15. the4thdrawer answered: I use (rarely) Covergirl Outlast stain, it’s nice for a subtle look I guess…
  16. saxysaur answered: stilleto by kat von d! :]
  17. peace-and-love-will-last-forever answered: The Body Shop Lip/Cheek Stain. Works really well! =D
  18. chachacili answered: Mark by Avon has a great lip stain. I love it in the shade Bare. It is $11. www.your… PS, love all the pics u post on ur blog!
  19. chadsey answered: Revlon just bitten is amazing! they have pretty colors and they stay! and plus it comes with some sort of chapstick on the end (:
  20. whaats-your-faantasy answered: urban decay! seriously can’t get better than them
  21. athousandsweetkissesxoxo answered: i think maybelline’s new baby lips is great
  22. unicorn-skullss answered: cover girl! :D
  23. shmosie answered: Covergirl has great pink lip stains c:
  24. strangee-adventuress answered: Covergirl & Tarte Lip Surgence
  25. marylou-manizer answered: Apparently the new Maybelline one’s are terrific!
  26. emyii90 answered: i think benefit are good enough
  27. danceingdaises answered: covergirl has some nice ones
  28. oceancity answered: The NYC Lip Stains surprisingly work very well and are like $5. I use them all the time!
  29. dreamincolour02 answered: revlon or joe fresh cosmetics at superstore have great and cheap lip stains
  30. hedonism-and-diamonds answered: Revlon
  31. agirlsri answered: try maybelline
  32. chocolateraspberrylips answered: covergirl is good
  33. lorna-loves-colour answered: Max factor! :)
  34. hannah-bay answered: maybelline
  35. olii-b answered: Tarte!
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